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Have an urgent question at midnight? I’d rather you text me than lose another minute of sleep over it. Hi, my name is Tony, and I am a Realtor® with Milford.

I have been in sales most of my life. I dreamed of becoming an agent for a decade before I finally committed to taking the plunge. It turns out I’m a natural at being a Realtor® which is great because it’s my dream job. Now, I’m living my dream; making others happy has always been what brings me the most joy.

Be prepared to have such a calm, stress-free experience with me that you won’t even realize we’ve made it to the finish line. You’re going to feel like family, because that’s what my clients are.

I love the process of finding out just what you need so I can turn your dreams into a reality! When you’re with me, you’re going to notice that I am a great listener. I don’t sell the houses, I show them. You are going to know which one speaks to you, and I don’t want to get in the way of that conversation.

I’ve been told I have to include this, even though I don’t like to say it about myself, but everyone who knows me says I’m humble. It’s one of my finest qualities… not very humble of me to say (I didn’t write that).


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